Epistane (EPI, HAVOC)

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Epistane (EPI, HAVOC)

Epistane was first described in 1966 during investigations into a series of modified androstane derivatives. During 1966 it was tested for anabolic and androgenic potency and shown to have a significant anabolic potency. Epistane has a high affinity to the androgen receptor and once locked in, causes a chain of downstream events, which result in significant increases in muscle cell protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

The muscle cell protein synthesis Epistane causes results in an increase in size and strength of muscle cells. Due to the fact Epistane also causes an increase in nitrogen retention there is also an increase in muscle fullness and size. It has also been shown to act on the androgen receptor of fat cells, resulting in significant decreases in body fat, depending on diet and exercise levels of the research subject.

Epistane is an orally active derivative of the chemical dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Epistane has been shown experimentally to have a significant anabolic effect and anecdotally to markedly reduce body fat. As Epistane does not convert to Estrogen, it is not likely to cause effects such as gynecomastia or water retention.

Epistane has an assumed anti-estrogenic effect, and due to this has been used by bodybuilders in cutting cycles, as it is said to result in a more muscular and vascular appearance than compounds that are easily aromatised. For research purposes, this chemical is expected to have a low androgenic effect, meaning it is less likely than other compounds to cause male pattern baldness and acne.

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