Pyrilutamide KX-826

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Pyrilutamide KX-826

Pyrilutamide, also known as KX-826, is a potent antiandrogen that has a very high binding affinity to the DHT receptor. It has recently successfully completed phase-2 clinical trials for male pattern baldness and is now being researched in phase-3 clinical trials.

The continued research into this compound is due to its very marked effect of significantly reducing androgenic alopecia in balding men, with less side effects than currently available treatments.

Research has shown that Pyrilutamide (KX-826) reduces hair loss and has been shown to cause very notable hair re-growth in areas of the scalp which has already suffered from androgenic alopecia. This is because it acts as a DHT antagonist on hair follicle cells, forcing these cells into a new growth phase also known as the anagenic phase.

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