Micro Inlaid Mirror Micro-setting Microscope Universal Spring Stand Wf10x/20mm


SKU: 00011 Category: Tag:
SKU: 00011 Category: Tag:
  • Long working distance (95-300 mm), the micro inlaid mirror features 7X-4.5X continuous zoom, can be equipped with micro telescopic adjustment device.
  • The sections gimbals universal brackets with aesthetic and practical structure are suitable for variety of height, azimuth work and working environment.
  • Designed with spring bracket to provide user-friendly operating system, flexible telescopic mechanical focusing mechanism makes the operation more convenient and user-friendly by the unique head rest frame, so that the operator exempt fatigue , improve work efficiency.
  • The micro inlaid mirror using a wide-angle vision technology, continuous zoom stereo microscope head, high-resolution, large depth of view field, stereoscopic, easy to operate.
  • The durability of the micro inlaid mirror parts has been improved greatly after optical mildew treatment.



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